Monthly Archives: June 2012

Mum (or dad) and baby writers retreat

Hello lovely writers, and hello lovely mums (or dads). A question for you all: would you enjoy and/or benefit from a mum (or dad) and baby writers retreat? A few people have expressed an interest and I thought I’d guage the sitch. There are two retreats currently whirring around my brainbag. First, an afternoon in […]

Win a place on the 12 August Brighton Writers Retreat

Win a free place on the very first Brighton Writers Retreat and come eat biscuits and write words with us. Yay and woo! So what do you have to do? We want a 300 word story based on this ‘ere picture below. Leave your story in the comments below, or email if you’re feeling […]

Retreat the first: Sunday 12 August

Join us for the very first procrastination-busting one-day writing retreat in lovely Brighton town and I will kick your arse and make sure you move on with your writing project. As I’m sure someone once said at some point, the magic happens in the rewriting. But you’ve got to have something to rewrite before you […]